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The Bail Process & Service Rates

Aladdin’s mission is to provide you with fast, professional and effective bail services. We will guide you through the bail process so you or your loved one can be released from custody as quickly and easily as possible.

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Bail Procedures

The three steps below provide detailed information on how the bail process works.

1. Bail Amount Set by the Court

After an arrest, the court will set a bail amount, which varies based on the charges and other contributing factors. This is done as a way of making sure that the defendant appears at the scheduled court date (or dates) following his or her release from jail.

2. Contact Aladdin

After the bail amount is set, the first thing to do is contact Aladdin for free initial bail information. We will put our expertise and experience to work for you immediately. Simply provide us with some basic information like the defendant’s name and the name of the jail or city where they are located.

3. Processing & Finalizing Release

We then work with you or your loved one and the jail to secure release by issuing a bond in the full amount of the bail set by the court. Depending on the circumstances, collateral or a co-signer may be required.

Bail Rates & Payment Flexibility

Bail rates and fees differ depending on your state's requirements. To view accurate rate information, please select the state above where the defendant is located.

Industry Standard Premium Rate

  • Bonds up to and including $499.00 in bail amount will be charged $50.00, plus $15.00.
  • Bonds over $499.00 in bail amount will be charged 10% of the bail amount, plus $15.00.

A minimum premium charge of $50.00 applies per bond. The $15.00 should not be included in the calculation of the minimum premium.

Discounted Rate for Those Who Qualify

Aladdin is authorized to offer a discounted premium rate to those who qualify in California, Idaho and Washington as:

  • Members of qualified unions
  • Defendants with retained private defense counsel
  • Active duty members and veterans of the United States Military Armed Forces and their immediate family members

A minimum premium charge of $50.00 applies per bond. The $15.00 should not be included in the calculation of the minimum premium rate.

*Discounted rates do not apply in Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

Flexible Payment Plans

Aladdin Bail Bonds provides flexible payment plans to those who qualify. Regardless of the rate applied, we tailor every payment plan to best fit you or your loved one’s financial situation. We make it our personal goal to create an affordable solution for those in need of bail..

*Rates do not include certain costs or fees that may be charged by local or state government agencies or otherwise authorized by law.

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