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Company and License Information

Aladdin Bail Bonds in California, Idaho, Ohio and Washington is owned and operated by Two Jinn, Inc., a California corporation.

  • California Bail License No. 1843442
  • Idaho Bail License No. BA112502
  • Ohio Bail Bond License No. 1142028
  • Washington Insurance License No. 239930
    • Seattle DOL License No. 1953
    • Tacoma DOL License No. 1974
    • Everett DOL License No. 1974

Nevada: Aladdin Bail Bonds in Nevada is owned and operated by Aladdin Bail NV, Inc., A Nevada Corporation.

  • Nevada Bail License No. 921238

Utah: Aladdin Bail Bonds in Utah is owned and operated by Aladdin Bail Bonds Utah, LLC, A Utah Limited Liability Company.

  • Utah Bail License No. 513064

South Carolina: Aladdin Bail Bonds in South Carolina is owned and operated by Aladdin Bail Bonds South Carolina, LLC, a South Carolina Limited Liability Company.

  • South Carolina License No. 211416

Texas: Aladdin Bail Bonds in San Antonio is owned and operated by Susan Monsalvo Smith dba Aladdin Bail Bonds.

  • Licensed in Bexar County-License# 202

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