Getting you out is the number one priority of Aladdin Bail Bonds

Our multiple locations, and professional, licensed bail bonds agents make us the largest bail bonds service provider in the United States. We help more people through the bail process than any other agency.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

The majority of people arrested are granted bail. Bail is a payment made to the court that guarantees you will show up for your court appearance—a date that could be days, weeks or months down the road. If you do not post bail, you will spend this waiting period out of work and away from your family and friends.

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Now is the time to contact Aladdin Bail Bonds.

Aladdin posts bail on your behalf. We get you out fast. We get you through it faster. No other bail bonds agency has lower prices. If a provider tells you differently, be cautious about involving them in your delicate legal situation.

With more than 50 locations staffed with professional, Spanish-speaking employees, your case is kept confidential. Aladdin Bail Bonds is the biggest in the bail bonds business for good reason. We’re bigger, because we’re better.™

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